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ow yao dowin today? grrrreat ta, yao? Bostin ta! Listen me flowa, our betty's havin a do down the con club if yao and your jim fancy poppin' along? i heard she's had a new do un all!!! Anyhow, i'd best be off cocker, i've gotta get some cream for me fowrid... tara....

Friday, June 16, 2006

You know, i thought i'd get annoyed that no-one comments (and therefore i assume no-one actually reads) on my blog but i'm not really. I quite enjoy the quiet comtemplation of it all....aaaahhhhhh.... As i'm sure most of you well know, i have enough pet hates and annoyances that, if i really want to, i could write practically a million words on each of a huge plethora of weird and slightly creepy subjects and pet hates! True enough, most of my comments are about new types of alcohol i've discovered or drink-realted issues, but some of them aren't quite as predictable eh? Damn....i've just walked away from the computer and now ahve nothin' to say, to make it worse i have alcohol munchies horrendously! -tata...


Blogger milan kundera said...

hey, well least u have kept up with yours mine lasted about 3days...have plenty to rant about but just never get around to it...cos like now im off to the gym then the pub...a truly balanced lifestyle!!!

4:56 pm  

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