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ow yao dowin today? grrrreat ta, yao? Bostin ta! Listen me flowa, our betty's havin a do down the con club if yao and your jim fancy poppin' along? i heard she's had a new do un all!!! Anyhow, i'd best be off cocker, i've gotta get some cream for me fowrid... tara....

Friday, June 16, 2006

"It's like sucking on a greasy coin" it? what is?...Just a nice "Hannibalism" i like to refer to occasionally about how much iron is in brain meat... which brings me incredibly fakely and contrived to the fact that i am currently reading silence of lambs and am not quite sure how to take it yet! As the cliche goes, when you come back from watching titanic, "did it sink then?"... you just shrug your shoulders and shoot a god awful dirty look at the dillweed who said it (usually a parent or a relative who clearly thinks they're amusing)... What am i on about you might be thinking, well.... I feel totally the opposite about the book to what i talked about above. Having watched the silence of the lambs dozens of times (amazin' int it!!!???) i settled down to reading the book in the hope that it would be easy to follow...but that is not the case. The only way i can explain it is this: It's like reading through a mister men book, say, erm... Mr Happy; and then turning to the very last page of the book only to find out that he is fact a manic depressive and that the smile is all just a sham!!! True, the basic story of silence of the lambs is very similar to the film created from it, but the writing technique and forms of dialogue used are worlds apart! For a start, i always got the impression that Clarice Starling was a bit prudish, maybe hadn't had a boyfriend for a while and was quite easily embarassed...Hell no! She's rude, keeps thinkin' dirty-ass thoughts and swears like a bitch! What is that about!!! Plus she doesn't come across anywhere near as clever in the book as in the film... Again, as well, there is that classic thing whereby the film misses out vital parts of the book to keep time down...worst seen in lord of the rings and apparently, the last harry potter too... Anyway, i'm not too sure about Thomas Harris's writing style yet but i'm assured hannibal is well worth the read....


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