sciocco patrocinando

ow yao dowin today? grrrreat ta, yao? Bostin ta! Listen me flowa, our betty's havin a do down the con club if yao and your jim fancy poppin' along? i heard she's had a new do un all!!! Anyhow, i'd best be off cocker, i've gotta get some cream for me fowrid... tara....

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Ah, the wonders of Deep Heat and Elliman's lotion in synergy....great stuff! Plus my allergy eyedrops are starting to work so all in all i'm not having a bad day, plus it's half one already which means it's going soooo much faster than the rest of the week so far. Yes, it DOES get better; it's food shopping day (yay!!!!!!)....actually, come to think of it, i wonder if Elliman's and Deep Heat DO work in synergy or not? For those not in the know, the notion of synergy would entail the sum of two or more parts working together to exert an effect greater than adding together the effects of the individuals units...e.g. paracetamol and alcohol (though that's not beneficial synergy!!!). Oeufs, my foot is starting to burn now; at least it's better than a sickening pain (not necessarily really bad but weirdly, yes, quite wretch provoking!)...(thirty minutes later...)...oh my gosh, someone has just pulled off from the motorway and just been taken away in an ambulance! He lay in our office for a bit but the rapid response and then the ambulance we're dead quick (incidently staffordshire are the ONLY county ambulance service to reach the government target of 8 minutes). I thought they were really swift considering that we're in the middle of the M6. Just think what could have happened if he didn't pull off at the works compound and passed out...doesn't bare thinking about does it!? Problem is, i don't want to work now, i've had too much excitement and i can't go back now! Anyway, i might do a crossword then get back to work...tara a bit chucks...px


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